Federal small pistol primers vs match primers

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match vs regular primers. Jump to Latest Follow. I have also found that the cups seem to be tougher on Federal and Remington small rifle Match primers.My .17-222 Rem Mag has an issue with primers cupping or piercing with regular primers and they seem just fine with the Match...
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Federal gold medal - small pistol match primers, no. GM100M. SKU: 210000001536. Federal Premium Gold Medal primers are the same high-quality primer used in Gold Medal cartridges and are the choice of match shooters everywhere for reliability, consistency...
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Jun 22, 2020 · For my Benchrest shooting, I think Match Primers do make a difference. I weight and mike all my primers for Benchrest. The variation in Federal M primers is much less then for the same primer without the M. I am sure like the 205Ms are just 205 sorted better or run slower on their best machines etc. Bob
Saw Powder Valley had Fed Small Pistol Match Primers (GM100M) available for back-order but no regular Small Pistol primers. Is there any difference between the two performance-wise? Plan on reloading a bunch of 9mm for practice once the PT.com M&P9 shows up and I've only used Winchester SPP before... small pistol large pistol magnum pistol small rifle large rifle magnum rifle .50 BMG These are the primers used in all pistol and rifle ammo that is commercially available. Larger, artillery type, ammunition uses much different primers, obviously.
Sep 09, 2012 · I have some WIN NT brass in .45ACP with small primer pockets. I'm going to lload it with Federal small pistol primers and try the starting load for some 230gr JHP's I have on the shelf and see what the chrono says. The small pockets aren't a big deal to me because I sort by headstamp-they stick out llike a sore thumb. Bill CORRESPONDENCE PRIMERS. CCI. Federal. Remington. RWS. Winchester. Small Pistol. 500. 100. WSPM. Small Pistol Match. 100M.I'm looking to stock up on supplies to stock up on while I save money for a reloading machine. I've got two 5 gallon buckets of 9mm brass from my many trips to the range and now I want to primers. I've been told to get Federal 100 small pistol primers, but with his Godhood celebrating his second term, the 100's are hard to find.
Apr 13, 2016 · Ever since my last primer tests (A comparison of CCI 400s VS CCI BR4 and CCI 400s VS Wolf SR) Ive been wanting to do a test using all of the different primers Ive acquired too see what (if any) difference thered be using a good known load, and just switching out the primers.
Federal 100 Small Pistol Primers - Case of 5000 $ 249.95 Hogue 1911 Wrap-Around Rubber Grips $ 24.95 $ 10.00 Federal GM210M Large Rifle Match Primers - Case of 5000 $ 289.00
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